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Screen printing

Professional printing on cardboard boxes allows personalization of cardboard packaging. At present, it is a must in many industries to refine the packaging with the help of imprint. This has a significant impact on the marketing side of the packaging, which is the information carrier.

Screen printing is a technique that ensures high print accuracy and high abrasion resistance. The print is durable and intense. The application of graphics by screen printing gives great possibilities and complements the effect that can very often change the appearance of the packaging.

Screen printing is a simple, cheap and durable method of creating and caring for the image. It is a good proof of a professional approach to the customer and testifies to the quality of services provided.

What gives the imprint on the packaging?
- the packaging becomes an elegant form of packing the item
- thanks to the print, you can display your brand
- gives the image of a professional approach to the client
- an interesting print catches the attention of customers

Cardboard packaging

Polypropylene packaging


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