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Cardboard packaging

 We offer our clients many types of cardboard packaging, differentiated by the method of folding and closing, type of cardboard, wall thickness, basis weight, etc. We have the ability to produce flap, telescopic, sliding, glued and folding boxes as well as cardboard boxes. We also print on packaging.

High flexibility in production allows us to accept orders for packaging of any size shapes and modifications, as well as dedicated to specific applications. As few on the market, we make boxes for the client's order from any material according to his design. We also have the opportunity to create a design and visualization of any packaging.

We produce many different constructions of closed packaging (boxes) and open packaging (trays). One of our specialties includes innovative cardboard return boxes with self-adhesive tape.

Cardboard packaging has many uses. They perform security functions, playing a key role for companies distributing goods. They are the most effective and the most convenient packaging. Aesthetic cardboard is a showcase of a professional and reliable seller. If it is necessary to pack personal "treasures" when moving, we can offer cartons for removal.

There are many standards describing the type of packaging. The most popular and most frequently used catalog is the FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers).

Flap boxes (code 0200) are one-piece packaging that most often have lower and upper flaps. The edges of these packages are glued, stitched or joined with adhesive tape.
The telescopic boxes (code 0300) have a lid and a bottom that overlap

Folding boxes and trays (code 0400) The bottom is folded in such a way as to create two or more side walls and a cover.

Slide boxes (code 0500) consist of more inner parts and wrappers. They can be inserted in different directions in one another.

Glued boxes (code 0700) are usually composed of one part and ready for use after their simple assembly.

In addition to the FEFCO packaging, we offer cardboard boxes. Shaped cardboard boxes, otherwise known as punching cards, made using a suitable die.

Cardboard packaging

Polypropylene packaging


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