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Die cutting

 Die cutting, also called punching, is a bookbinding activity. It involves punching specific shapes that cannot be obtained using a guillotine. You can die cut sheets of paper, cardboard or cardboard.

For die-cutting, dies equipped with a working part, which is a knife with a suitably profiled shape, are used. During punching, the die is pressed with great force into the form perpendicular to the ground. Thanks to stamping operations, you can not only punch, but also crease, which means you can stamp lines with fixed shapes. With this method, you can make flat forms of various external shape and make holes in them. Die cutting is used to produce cardboard packaging, puzzles or cards with sophisticated shapes.

Die cutting is also used for creasing, perforating, cutting and stamping. Jamabox has appropriate facilities and provides stamping services. As a result, clients are provided with a comprehensive service in accordance with their needs and requirements in the scope of finishing prints or other materials.

Cardboard packaging

Polypropylene packaging


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